Start Your Journey from 1st Note to Pro Sax Player Now!

Ever wish you could play like a pro smooth jazz sax player? Sure you do! But maybe you…

Introducing SaxMastery a new & exciting solution to all of the above


What is SaxMastery?

SaxMastery is a new and unique yearly course presented and hosted by saxophonist Mark Bunney. The course offers a progressive step-by- step approach from your first note to mastering advanced musical vocabulary used by todays leading contemporary saxophonists.

SaxMastery focuses on continually developing you in 2 main ways:

  1. Learning to master the sax i.e. Your Sound, Pitch, Range, & Technique
  2. Learning the musical language/vocab used by today’s top sax players in all 12 keys by ear!

How does it Work?

– 1 lesson = 4 modules (approx. 6-12 mins per module)
– A module is typically a 30-60 second sax line that automatically speeds up, looped in all 12 keys (your practice partner)  

Using SaxMastery daily will develop your ability to PLAY:

Saxmastery Syllabus Year 1

Saxmastery Syllabus Year 2

*Disclaimer: SaxMastery Year 1 is the 1st year in a planned 8 year course. SaxMastery is not a get-good- quick-scheme! Results will vary from student to student based on numerous factors. Like learning any instrument the more you put in over a longer period of time, the better your results will be. Year 2 is planned for release early 2018.